Inkubatoriai su orbitine kratykle


Nahita incubators-orbital shakers are compact and strong equipments ideal for continuous operation for hours. The temperature of the inner chamber is regulated by a forced air system with a high homogeneity, being very efficient instruments for bacteriological cultures in microbiology, quality control or food analysis laboratories. Operation is based on the orbital movement of the shaking platform on which numerous flasks can be placed. The equipment allows programming the operation speed, temperature and time by means of an easy and accessible digital control panel. Each equipment is compact and solid, and depending on the model, they are provided with a glass door or an epoxy-covered metal door with a glass window. Both models allow the visualization of the samples from the outside of the equipment avoiding opening the door and modifying the inner temperature

50641010 Šaldantis inkubatorius - orbitinė kratyklė, 400x450 mm 16,374.11 Plačiau
50641011 Šaldantis inkubatorius - orbitinė kratyklė, 920x500 mm 26,501.14 Plačiau
50640010 Inkubatorius - orbitinė kratyklė, 400x370 mm 11,774.05 Plačiau
50640011 Inkubatorius - orbitinė kratyklė, 920x500 mm 23,340.93 Plačiau

Kolbų laikikliai

90640015 50 ml kolbos laikiklis 40.95 Plačiau
90640021 100 ml kolbos laikiklis 44.51 Plačiau
90640022 250 ml kolbos laikiklis 55.18 Plačiau
90640025 500 ml kolbos laikiklis 65.84 Plačiau
90640031 1000 ml kolbos laikiklis 87.22 Plačiau

* Kainos nurodytos be PVM. Nemokamas pristatymas perkant už 2.000 ir daugiau litų.

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